Seasonal Solutions

Wet Season Agronomics

Proper water and air management is vital to maintain optimum turfgrass vitality. Use Floratineā€™s approach to manage water and balance oxygen levels while optimizing turfgrass strength under wet season environmental stress. Doing so requires soil and foliar influences as addressed using our tools listed below.
Move Water

Pervade is a soil penetrating agent designed to improve water movement in and through the profile.

Root Strength

Turgor is a silicon based complex that strengthens root cell walls to maintain vascular pathways for oxygen and nutrient passages.

Add Potassium

Under wet season stress, potassium is leeched rapidly leaving the plant hindered since this nutrient plays a vital role in all translocation within the plant. Immediately restore available potassium levels in the soil with patent pending Quad K.

Turf Density

Per "4" Max is a biostimulant/micronutrient complex that promotes lateral growth to improve density during wet seasons.

Carbohydrates and Amino Acids

ProteSyn delivers carbohydrates and amino acids to promote plant strength during low light intensity seasons with limited photsynthesis.

Colour and Rooting

Renaissance initiates color and rooting from micronutrients, antioxidants, and patented biostimulant technology.

Stress Fighter

PK Fight initiates re-rooting while providing energy and stress resistance with potassium phosphite and proprietary Power Play technology.

Click here to download the Turf Action Plan (TAP) "Wet Season Agronomics"