Seasonal Solutions

Spring Start: Overcome Sluggish Growth

The players are anxious and the grass isn’t going. Start early and start strong to overcome sluggish growth and weak color.
Science Behind Slow Growth

1. Photosynthesis
The primary food producing mechanism for the plant is still sluggish. The air temperature is still low as is the length and angle of sunlight. The raw materials (CO2 and water) are abundant but the energy source and chlorophyll are lacking.

2. Respiration
The growth generating mechanism for the plant hasn’t started. The soil temperature is too low for chemical and microbioligical activities to take place. Further, the raw material (carbs) isn’t available because there is no activity in the topical growth.


1. Supplement the lack of carbs with ProteSyn. The mixture of simple and complex carbohydrates in ProteSyn will compensate for the lack of sunlight and poor carb production. The key amino acids in ProteSyn will aid in the building of key proteins even when the Krebs Cycle is running low.

2. Chlorophyll production needs several key micronutrients – among them iron, zinc, copper, and manganese. Per "4" Max and Renaissance contain a balanced blend of these key micronutrients.

3. Additional bolstering of the chlorophyll process is achieved through the use of nitrogen. Power 23-0-0 and Power 24-0-0 contain an optimum blend of nitrogen compounds along with molybdenum – the key micronutrient for converting nitrogen. Power Play technology enhances the movement of these nutrients throughout the plant.

4. An energy source is also needed to drive the reactions in the roots. PK Fight has proven itself as a tool for enhancing the Krebs Cycle and generating ATP – the energy molecule.

Click here to download the Turf Action Plan (TAP) "Spring Start"