Seasonal Solutions

Protecting Turf from Heat Stress

Mother nature can be cruel. High temperatures and humidity reduce the intake of carbon compounds and other essentials needed to sustain basic plant processes. Floratineā€™s Heat Stress Plan provides the requirements for molecular strength to survive the stresses of summer.
Stress Relief

Perk Up provides respiration stress relief, root maintenance, and cellular strength with calcium and sugars.

Heat and Wear Tolerance

Power 0-0-22 offers heat and wear tolerance from highly available potassium with proprietary Power Play technology for superior translocation.

Recovery and Colour

Renaissance initiates stress resistance and recovery, root initiation, and color from patented phytochemicals and micronutrients.


ProteSyn gives energy and molecular strength from simple and complex carbohydrates and all the essential amino acids.

Click here to download the Turf Action Plan (TAP) "Heat Stress"