About Us

Turf Canada

Turf Canada provides the most advanced technologies and services available to Golf Course superintendents today. Our focus is centered around an environmentally friendly approach to Plant Health and Turf Strength.

Our consultants and distribution partners are extensively trained to provide our customers with the highest level of agronomic consultation and support. Our team has been trained on soil science and plant physiology.

It all starts with ANALYNC Soil Testing. A proprietary soil evaluation system provided to us through on an exclusive basis. ANALYNC provides us with one of the most accurate and comprehensive soil evaluations in the industry today. Using ANALYNC, our consultants work with superintendents to develop proactive plans based on "SOLID" science that meet the turf management needs and goals of our customers.

We demonstrate our competency through our consultation and commitment to Plant Health and want to be viewed as a partner rather than a supplier. We take a great deal of pride in what we do. We have been very selective in our product acquisitions and will continue to learn about and evaluate new technologies and services, which will make Turf Canada Inc. one of the most innovative companies in the country.