Seasonal Solutions

Fall Rooting and Recovery

A long, hot summer can take its toll on your turf and your root mass. Try this easy to use TAP to ensure turf density, rooting, and recovery.

Astron provides rooting and complexed zinc for reduced temperature stress.


P-48 is a foliar charging macro and micro nutrient soluble with a high phosphorous analysis for root initiation and pure energy.


ProteSyn for molecular strength from simple and complex carbohydrates and amino acids.

Growth and Colour

Floratine Power 23-0-0 and Power 24-0-0 deliver moderate, consistent growth with Power Play technology for turf strength.


Power 0-0-22 addresses heat and wear tolerance from highly available potassium with proprietary Power Play technology for superior translocation.

Click here to download the Turf Action Plan (TAP) "Fall Rooting and Recovery"