What Industry Experts are Saying About Turf Canada

Brian Youell, Master Superintendent
Uplands Golf Club, Victoria, BC

I’ve had the great privilege in doing business with Turf Canada for the last two years. I was originally introduced to Turf Canada through their Technical Representative Casey O’Conner. What impressed me is the knowledge that Casey displayed when discussing their products. He has a university education regarding Turfgrass Management and has extensive knowledge about the industry as he has worked on a golf course for many years.

In my first year I used Turf Canada products such as Floratine and a variety of their aeration tines. We started to notice improvement in the conditions of our greens in the first year, enough that I wanted to make a bigger commitment the following year. My second year Casey and the Turf Canada staff developed an annual application plan that was specific to my golf course. It was easy to follow. I received a spreadsheet of the products, applications, quantities needed, and applications schedules. This reduced my time greatly when dealing with budgets and figuring out spray schedules. I used a variety of products such as ProteSyn, Knife Plus, Astron, Florodox, and Per 4 Max. I started bi-biweekly applications in the beginning of April and have carried out all of the applications through out the season.

Throughout the season golfers have enjoyed consistent conditions for a longer period of time. I have received numerous compliments almost on a daily basis that from my members about how great the greens have been, “the best ever” “they’ve been great all year long”. Jim Rutledge who plays on the PGA Senior Tour said “the green at Uplands were better than anything he has played on all year on tour.” Larry Gilhuly who is a USGA Consultant said “our greens were the best he has seen all year in the Pacific Northwest.” My compliments have been many through out the year, which has made my job that much more rewarding.

From an agronomic view, the density of my greens has been fantastic through out the entire year. The colour and uniformity have never been better. I found it was a much easier year managing my greens especially when they are cut below a 1/10” through out the season. The only thing I changed this year was THE USE OF FLORATINE PRODUCTS. Knowing this, my improvements are not just a coincidence!

We have also started to reduce equipment parts such as aeration tines and bedknives. We have found the bedkinves are a little more durable than competitors. We have used a wide variety of aeration tines such as the harden tines or carbide tip tines. Yes these tines may be a little more expensive than competitors, but I consider these upfront costs. Tines from Turf Canada lasted longer, and in the case of carbide tip tines I aerated greens twice with out changing them.

To me the real benefits are; reduced labour costs when changing tines, reduce down time during aeration to change out tines, (with competitor’s I could only aerate 9 greens, then I would have to change out tines) the carbide tip tines lasted 4 times longer. The integrity of the hole stays consistent. Conventional tines wear down so the depth of the hole becomes less as time goes. Aeration is the single most important practice we can do to ensure healthy turf all year long so having deep consistent aeration holes is paramount when trying to develop a healthy root system. As I mentioned earlier the costs are “up front costs” as these tines last longer, there is less down time, we get consistent deep holes that promote healthy roots. They really are less expensive when you add these factors up!

Turf Canada carries quality products that can make a difference for golf courses. What impressed me with Trevor as well, he has travelled out to the West Coast on many occasions to make contact with those of us that are using his products, to see what Turf Canada can do to help or make their service even better. They have their products in research trials, and are recognized by some of the best in the business that Floratine products can benefit the overall condition of a golf course.

On a personal note, Turf Canada also gives back to the community. They have supported Superintendent fundraising events for Multiple Sclerosis by donating products for silent auctions. Turf Canada also gives back to our industry as well by regularly sponsoring and supporting continuing education for Golf Course Superintendents.

As you can see it’s not hard to figure out why I have been doing business with Trevor Parkes and Turf Canada. They have helped me out professionally with the use of their products, customer satisfaction, and in some ways I’ve reduced operational costs as well. They make an effort to always get better, to meet customer’s needs, and provide exceptional technical support. I don’t think you can ask for much more, when a company gives back to the community and the industry by the support and generosity Turf Canada has shown.