Western Pozzolan

A completely organic, naturally occurring mineral

This tiny organism is extremely porous and absorbent which allows for the efficient movement of water to turf and plants. Time is money and (Lassenite ATS) Pozzalan reduces the watering frequency of hard to maintain turf areas. The benefits of adding (Lassenite ATS) Pozzalan to your soil profile and plants include:

  • Reduces the frequency of watering
  • Reduce labor costs associated with intensive turf management
  • Increased quality and quantity of yields
  • Reduction in the use of fertilizers
  • Allows the soil to absorb and hold water
  • Forces open and maintains air and water passageways
  • Accelerates blooming and optimizes maturation
  • Promotes deeper roots and increases the number of fine root hairs


For more information, contact us or visit the Western Pozzolan web site.